The Talented Me!

In my quiz I will tell you stuff that I'm good at.I'm good at everything and I never ever make any mistakes at all.Everyone likes me and nobody thinks I'm bad.

If you think I'm bad your wrong.I don't like you and I'm mad at you because your mean to me and I'm good so your bad. If you bad to me I will be mad at you.

Created by: Tara101

  1. Helo.My name is Tara.Do you licke me.
  2. Im good at evryting.
  3. Im good at siging,dansing,skating,smarting and armpete furting!
  4. I have a amazinge memery and Im smert!
  5. Im peretty to!I have brone hair and gray ise wit glases and beraces!
  6. I perfact.
  7. Im no how to pay karaty!
  8. Are you nise?
  9. Are you good?
  10. Are you peretty?
  11. By

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