The Story of GTQ (this was a dare)

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Hey. This was dared. Sorry if this quiz is bad. Cause this is my first time making a story quiz. Make sure to rate, comment, and stay tuned for Pt 2. Alright, take the quiz and have a great rest of the day!!


Created by: Tremendus
  1. Aight guys new quiz. I'm making pt 2 on Thursday or Friday.
  2. Once upon a time, there was a kingdom, named GTQ. It was beautiful with lots of buildings, and a castle in the middle. It was the home of the mods and the rest of the people.
  3. There were lots of different people in that castle. There was Trem, Elly, Cinna, Chai. There were more people too. (introduced in pt 2)
  4. "It's a peaceful day," said Trem, rubbing his head. "But what do we do?" Cinna replied, "I don't know, maybe talk to the mods?" "We always did that. Should we do something different?" Said Chai. "Yes," Trem replied. "Talking to the mods is a little, teensy weensy, tiny bit boring."
  5. "It better be fun." Said Elly. "Maybe going for a walk will cheer us up," said Cinna. "But permission first from the mods first." she sighed. So they all went up to ask for permission. Acrimony was the strongest mod up there, he was also the kindest, so they always asked him. He said yes, then they went back down, and something was odd. Two of the diamonds that protected the kingdom were gone. They were the least important but living without them is bad. "Oh well," said Trem. "I guess we won't go out after all." They all sighed with disappointment.
  6. "What can we do now?" Said Chai. "It's not like we can't do something fun. Cause I'm 500 billion percent bored." Trem replied, "Hide N Seek?" Cinna said no because it was always too boring. "But why n- AMONG US!!" All the rest sighed and told Trem that he should take a break sometimes. So they had nothing to do at the moment. Until.....
  7. Elly said, "Let's go to the coffee shop. I'm bored." They agreed. The only coffee shop they had was Starbux. They got their coffee and went off.
  8. "You should try this kind of coffee sometime. It's amazing." Said Chai. Trem replied, "Yeah it's awesome. So next time buy the-" "What's the name of it? I don't have coffee yet and I'm interested in this." said Cinna. "It's called the Sweet Cream Cold Brew," Trem said. "So try it." "Ok," Said Cinna. "I'll place the order in 45 minutes."
  9. Alright, I'm done storytelling. Make sure to rate and comment and stay tuned for Part 2!!!
  10. Just to let you know: I will be taking short breaks on quizzes, cause sometimes my head hurts when making these.
  11. .
  12. Alright, see you after a while.

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