Which Stay Tuned for Danger character are you?

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to my Stay Tuned for Danger personality quiz! There are a bunch of these so I decided to make my own. Are you caring Mattie, self-centered Rick, selfish Dwayne, bossy Lillian, eccentric Millie, security gaurd Ralph, or daring Nancy?

Take this quiz to find out! I hope you enjoy the quiz and I hope that you like your results! Feel free to rate and comment. Good luck and I hope this quiz is accurate!

Created by: Trisha Gaurav
  1. What word describes you?
  2. Which character did you sympathize with?
  3. Which song reminds you of yourself the most?
  4. Why does Rick deserve to live?
  5. What's your favorite movie (if none of these, please pick one anyway)?
  6. Which part would you land?
  7. What do you like to do?
  8. Your favorite book genre is...
  9. Someone you know almost gets killed by a stage light. You...
  10. Do you like animals?

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Quiz topic: Which Stay Tuned for Danger character am I?