The soul chaser. pt.1 (rise of the lost soul eater)

Hey guys I hope you like this quiz. As you can see I quit the weird quiz series. The reason why is cause it was just to boring! I'm sorry if you guys were getting into it but hey whole new series right here no!? So I promise that I will take this quiz to the very end!

Ok so new quiz series yadda yadda yadda. Honestly I have nothing to write. Well on the comments page why don't you tell me alittle bit about yourself! Anywho to wrap this nonsense up thanks for taking the quiz!

Created by: awesome 89

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  1. Ok let's get this straight. You name is Hirudora carmano. Your 19 in colledge and your a orphan. You are a ace student. You bezt friend Jace irmana is also an orphan and ninteen. And your a boy and Jace is a girl.
  2. After biolgy class you feel like one million pounds droped on your shoulders. "Uh,so much homework!" You complain to Jace. "This coming from the ace student!?" Jace said. "All becouse I'm good at it doesn't mean I llike it you say. "Ok point crossed!" You and Jace have a nice laugh.
  3. You say goodbye to Jace and make it to your door. Picture this: a room with a bigscreen tv and a kitchen and a little hallway with a bathroom in the middle right of the hallway and at the end a room with a king size bed and a smaller tv on a stool. If you can't that there are two things I need to tell you A) imagine it as your dreamhouse and B) you have a limited imagination.
  4. You finish all your homwork and then you got bored. You ran through a mental list of entertaining things. You finnaly setteld on playing your ps3. Then you glance over at disply case with a katana in it. You remember your dad telling you the story that no matter what gets on the katana blade that it will always shine. You also remember him saying it whould save my life many times too. You wonder what hement. Little do you know your about to find out
  5. The following night you feel strange. Like a bad vibe running through your body. A sudden urge makes you go do somthing you haven't done in a LONG time. You open the display case and unsheath it. A sparkling blade looked at you from under the sheath. "I guess the legend is true……" you mutter to yourself. Your actually quite surprised that the school let you have the sword in the first place. You sit down on the couch and try to remember your dad.
  6. You never knew your mom. She died giving birth to you. Your dad she was beutifal and gifted at dancing. Which you always found strange cause you suck at dancing. Its almost like everytime you try to remember there's a extra piece missing. He died when was driving you home from your preschool. But you always kept your chin up and you were always a happy person.
  7. There was a really loud rumbling outside. You dashed out there to see what it was. What you saw was amazing. You saw a 9 foot monster outside your dorm. Your petrified. Then instinct takes over you grab your katana out and jumpt at the creture. "IIIIMMMMM AAAAA LLLLUUUUNNNNNAAAATTTTIIIJCCC!" You say. You impale your sword in the monsters leg.
  8. The thing hollars in pain and shoots a spike at you………
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