The Sorting Hat

Find out what the Sorting Hat would say about you! This quiz tells you where you would belong at Hogwarts. Will you be in Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw?

Will you be a brave Gryffindor, an ambitious Slytherin, a sweet Hufflepuff, or a brainy Ravenclaw? Just answer the questions and the Sorting Hat will place you!

Created by: Izzy
  1. Your best subject in school is:
  2. Your at an amusement park and you see a huge ride you're dying to go on, but your friend would really rather not. You:
  3. Your friends call you:
  4. A sign on a door says DO NOT ENTER! Would you enter?
  5. Which super power would you most want?
  6. Your favorite season is:
  7. Your friend just beat you in a competition. You got second place. You feel:
  8. Your school bag is:
  9. What kind of poster would someone most likely see in your room?
  10. Your favorite Harry Potter Character is:

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