The short ideology test

These results aren't 100% accurate but they intend to provide a short version of the political conformity quiz in order to tell you what direction you generally lean in politically

These categories are generalizations, most applicable in the current state of modernity. Not prior to the new world order of 1945. I hope you try your best to answer accurately.

Created by: Roh Tae Woo
  1. Are you in favor of social and economic isolationism
  2. Do you think high taxes and lots of welfare, or less welfare and fewer taxes are more beneficial.
  3. Which describes you best?
  4. We should spend more on the military
  5. Is democracy always good?
  6. Are generally more in favor of abortion or less in favor
  7. To solve problems the state should introduce more social restrictions to solve problems like drug abuse.
  8. What is your opinion on hierarchies.
  9. Which is closest to your opinion
  10. Are you in favor of states rights
  11. Is religion positive

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