The Search of My Bestfriend

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We all thought those kindergarten pals were our friends until death. But when you meet them they all go 'i'm sorry,who are you?'. Bestfriends is not a play word. It has a really strong meaning. Let's do a research then!

The quiz is simple, the result show you if they are the true bestfriend/opposites . It's not true though,no hard feelings. Take the test,build up a nice bond,learn who's worth it and be happy with the people around you,your bestfriend,your family,and God.

Created by: kiko
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. how've long you met them?
  2. What would they do if you're in a bad mood?
  3. do they talk bad about you, but infront of you they put ZERO emotions? publicly?behind your back?
  4. If you quarrelled with them, what state is your friendship after it all ends? Good/bad?
  5. Who open ups first? if not, there will be no interactions.How do you feel?(after a fight etc)
  6. How crazy are you with your friend?
  7. Do you ever think to grow old with them could be a funny but cool thing to wish for?
  8. Do you regret knowing them sometimes?
  9. what do you see in them?
  10. Like a Nanny do they give you advices,when you need one? What do you think of them?
  11. You want to know either they are your true bff or not?(no affects on the result)

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