How Well Do U Know Me, My Friend?

We all have friends that may know us better than some. We have different levels that we feel they are on and often times label them as that. For instance, I have associates, close friends, old friends...etc. I know i'm not alone with those friends tags or labels!

So this is basically a quiz to see who really knows you, pays attention to you, or takes the time and effort to get to know you! It's fun! You should have all your bestfriends take it and see who ranks the highest and see who you thought would have ranked the highest. It's just something fun to do!

Created by: Monique
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is My Middle Name?
  2. When's my Birthday?
  3. What Middle School Did I Attend?
  4. What High Schools Did I Attend?
  5. What College/University Do I Attend?
  6. How Many Siblings Do I Have? (Including Half-Sister)
  7. How Many Tattoos Do I Have?
  8. Do I or Have I Ever Had a Navel Piercing?
  9. Who's My Favorite Cousin?
  10. What's my Mother's Name?
  11. How many last names do I have? And what are they?
  12. Who are my Bestfriends?
  13. What are my Favorite Colors?
  14. What's my Favorite Ice Cream?
  15. What's My Major?
  16. Where Have I Lived?
  17. What are the Names of my Godchildren?
  18. What Do I treasure most?
  19. I Want....
  20. What year did I graduate High School?
  21. What are my brothers' names?
  22. Who Have I Known the Longest?

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