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This is a quiz that is made for some of my friends and we will see what happens I guess I have nothing else to put in this paragraph but oh well I hope this wastes your time reading meaning less words.

I have nothing else to say but it needs to have two paragraphs to publish this would you feel if I used the wrong form of the word to and you can’t do anything about it. Nice two meet you. :)

Created by: Isa and Jim

  1. Is your name Emma?
  2. Is your name Jim?
  3. Is your name isa?
  4. Is your name lex?
  5. Have you read the book thief and seen the movie where the word 9 is spoken?
  6. Have you procrastinated on your literature homework?
  7. Are you short
  8. Have you seen rice the sequel
  9. Y E. R. M. Y
  10. Are you a PoLar BEar????

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Quiz topic: Am I one of my friends