Are you true friends?

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Are you wondering how deep your friendship really is? I created this quiz to help you find that out. Be honest with your answers and be open to feedback. This is my first quiz but I tried to put a lot of thought into it, based on experience and observations.

This quiz is designed to help you learn more about your relationship with another person. If you would like even deeper insight, feel free to have the friend in question take the same quiz separately and compare results. I hope this quiz is helpful to you.

Created by: Banter Seeil
  1. You are walking along and you see your friend across the street. What do you do?
  2. Your friend seems upset. What do you do?
  3. Your friend went on a vacation for a month! How do you feel?
  4. You two fight. What’s your response?
  5. It’s their birthday! How do you celebrate?
  6. They moved away. How upset are you?
  7. Your friend told you a personal secret. How do you proceed?
  8. How much do you trust your friend?
  9. You have a crush and you tell your friend. What do they do?
  10. How much do you know them?

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Quiz topic: Am I true friends?