Do you have the horse knowledge?

This is my first quiz. Based on my knowledge I have created the questions and results. I am not a horse expert but know plenty. Do not let these results rule your life

Just another horse quiz... What is your experience level? Please comment I would love tips for future quizzes. I would take negative or positive feedback so long as its honest

Created by: I got swimmer
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  1. Your riding in the arena your horses ears go back you...
  2. Your on a ride your horse runs away with you so you
  3. Someone tells you to grab the horn You...
  4. How expensive can a horse really be? (please Answer based on your current knowledge to get the right result)
  5. Your looking to buy a horse and you...
  6. Your horse is about to goal and you...
  7. Time to get teeth floated you...
  8. Time to get teeth floated you...
  9. Horse shoes
  10. This is my first quiz so apologies for problems did you like it? (has no effect)

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Quiz topic: Do I have the horse knowledge?