Name the breed of horse

Please enjoy taking this quiz to test your horse knowledge! See how much you really know about horses and test yourself with this amazing horse quiz!!

You will soon be ok your road to horse knowledge if you master this test. The questions are pretty easy so don't fail it.Enjoy it and tell your friends to take it too.

Created by: Mariah Taylor Weston

  1. What breed of horse was the Throghbred mainly descended from?
  2. What breed is the most common horse in America?
  3. What is he most common horse color?
  4. About how many breeds are there in the world?
  5. What is the larger breed of horse?
  6. What is the smallest breed of horse?
  7. How are horses measured?
  8. What Is one of the rarest breeds
  9. What has to be done to a horses' hooves before being ridden each time?
  10. What state has the most feral horses?

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