Horse Knowledge

This is a There are many smart people in this world but if they are a genius is another matter.Are you a genius??try this quiz to see go on have a go.

this is about horses so you will need to have quite alot of knowledge about horse to have anychance at this quiz.Most people will probably know something about horses!!good luck!

Created by: sophie

  1. How many legs does a horse have?
  2. What is a Female horse called?
  3. how do you steer a horse when you are riding?
  4. which of these is a colour of horse?
  5. what is a colt?
  6. what is a farrier?
  7. what does breaking in mean?
  8. can horses be sick and thow up?
  9. what are horses feet called?
  10. can horses ridden?

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