Horse Breeds and Colors Quiz- Super Easy!

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There were some very early horses in North America many, many years ago. But the horses we know today came from Spain. There is a wide variety of colors and breeds that us humans know.

How much about horse breeds and colors do YOU know? This quiz isn't exactly the most complicated, so it tests your basic horse knowledge! Challenge your friends to see who really has the most horse smarts!

Created by: Hannah

  1. A bay horse is what color?
  2. Which is both a horse color and horse breed?
  3. Which describes a palomino horse?
  4. How many horse breeds are there?
  5. Which does NOT belong?
  6. Which is classified as a "Draft Horse"?
  7. The earliest horses were:
  8. Which horse breed is smallest?
  9. What markings do Appoloosa horses usually have?
  10. White horses are commonly referred to as:
  11. Free Point!

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