Do you know dog breeds?

Do you think you know dog breeds? This quiz will test your ability to name dog breeds, common and rare. Don't worry if you don't get a high score. Just keep trying, you will learn something new.

SOme of the breeds you may never have heard of. Or maybe you might own one or two. With over 300 breeds of dogs there is always something new to learn.

Created by: froggy15
  1. What breed was bred to guard livestock?
  2. Which breed has the most powerful bite?
  3. Which breed was created to guard monastaries?
  4. Which breed is prone to frail bones?
  5. Which one is Italian?
  6. Which one originates in Russia?
  7. Which is the best Guard dog?
  8. Which one is NOT Akc accepted?
  9. Is the Jack Russel AKC accepted?
  10. What is the ARBA?

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Quiz topic: Do I know dog breeds?