The Sarah Sparkle Quiz!

This quiz has just taken me FOREVER to create and now the website wants me to write why I was motivated to create this quiz!!! annnoying-a!!! And they want me to write more than a few sentences!! V frustrating!!! Anyways.. i do hope that you enjoy this quiz and that you score well!! most of the questions are a lil tricky!!! I really hope I've typed enough now.. v frustrating!! =(

So I created this to see how well my friends and family know me :) my last quiz Anna Bo Bana won - she scored higher than even my family! So am v interested to see how she does! Also want to see how my bro Pete does in this quiz.. Last quiz he thought he'd pushed me and broke my arm! So lots of good luck to you!

Created by: Sarah
  1. What is my age??
  2. What is my favorite Cadbury block of chocolate?
  3. Who would I chose out of the following list?
  4. Who is my all time favorite male character in a movie/tv show?
  5. What is my favorite quote from Anna Bo Bana (married to Eric Bana)
  6. Where did I stay on my last holiday?
  7. Who is my favorite We Can Be Heroes character?
  8. What has been my all time favorite Christmas present?
  9. What baby sitters club member did I want to be most like?
  10. Which camp has been my most memorable and favorite?

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