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This quiz attempts to present to what degree pre-existing hierarchies and authority figures hold sway over your opinions. This is comparable to Geert hofstede's power distance metric.

Power in the sense of people with social/political power as opposed to economic power or diplomatic/international power. Also, the degree to which hierarchies of specialization and artisanship exist in our preferable society.

Created by: Roh Tae Woo
  1. Everything in society would run more smoothly if everyone respected their parents
  2. We don't need authority figures to teach us, it is everyone's duty to discover the world themselves.
  3. Following orders creates stability, even if the orders are bad.
  4. Priests, local governments, and sometimes parental figures are all becoming more obsolete as we are given the technology to find the world out for ourselves.
  5. It is important to respect authority figures, as they have know more than inexperienced people who they give orders to.
  6. Protests are more often positive than negative, because they can cause progress.
  7. Revolutions cause more instability than benefit to society.
  8. Which of these statements do you most agree with?
  9. Powerful people are powerful for good reasons and are entitled to privileges.
  10. Having powerful people in a society implies inequality and oppression.
  11. People who are stronger than others have a right to portray themselves as stronger.
  12. When you are badly done by, who is it easiest for you to blame?
  13. The quickest way to become powerful is:
  14. The establishment is negative
  15. Children do better with more freedom as opposed to more discipline

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