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This quiz is not perfect it provides a sub-optimal evaluation of how statist, liberal and or libertarian any one person is in their political views...

Statism is conceptualized as the degree to which the state intervenes actively in social matters and to what degree there are checks, not economic, or abstract affairs.

Created by: Roh Tae Woo

  1. The state of nature (A scenario without a government and infrastructure) was a brutal place.
  2. There should be no checks on the power of the government.
  3. A strong leader protects us from violence
  4. When people act in their own best self interest, they generally end up acting in everyone's best interests.
  5. Freedom is more important than Restraint
  6. Police are not crucial to national security and public order.
  7. Do checks on government power or the enabling of the government to protect people from themselves?
  8. Morality must be enforced, if it is not enforced people will gradually loose their morals.
  9. Public surveilance is bad.
  10. The seperation of state power into many institutions causes instability
  11. If everyone obeyed the state there would be not conflict.
  12. Defund the police!
  13. Public broadcasting is a better source of information than a sprawling array of small talk news radio stations.
  14. Radical members of society are bound to cause disruption and seed the destruction of society if we do not surpress them.
  15. The state is not essential to producing a healthy and flourishing society.
  16. The state is doomed to descend into sectarian violence if we do not regulate people's public speech.
  17. The state is doomed to descend into sectarian violence if we do not regulate people's speech in private as well as in Public
  18. We do not need the people to be kept in good order for the people to be happy with their lot in life.

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