What is your ideology? A political quiz

You who inhabit the United Kingdom (or US, etc), to what ideology do you adhere? Are you far-left, left, center, right or far-right? Do you care most about national pride, social justice, the environment, or something else? Find out here.

There are ten potential answers. For the right, there are: Christian Identitarian Traditionalist, Civic Nationalist, Counter-Jihadist Libertarian, Male Chauvinist, and Traditionalist Civil Rights Activist. For the left, there are: Environmental Justice Advocate, Free-Spirited Liberal and Hard-Core Liberal. Belonging on neither side of the spectrum are Christian Fundamentalist and Rationalist.

Created by: Politics of UK
  1. Immigration numbers have risen in the last 20 years. What is your view on this?
  2. What are your views on capitalism?
  3. Do you believe that race is important?
  4. Israel or Palestine?
  5. Do you support the decision that Britain made to leave the EU (Brexit)?
  6. What is your view on drug prohibition?
  7. What is your favourite voting system?
  8. Should we all have the right to bear arms?
  9. Are you religious?
  10. One should always support the armed forces?
  11. Regardless of political opinions, one should always side with their country?
  12. Do you think that communism is just as evil as Nazism?
  13. Should we have a burqa ban in the UK (or your country)?
  14. Should we bring back national service?
  15. What is your opinion on the Trade Unions?
  16. Government surveillance is necessary to stop terrorism?
  17. Are you pro-choice or pro-life?
  18. Do you support capital punishment?
  19. Do you support corporal punishment?
  20. What is your opinion of Donald Trump?
  21. Do you support democracy in its current form?
  22. Who is your favourite famous political figure out of the following?
  23. What UK political party do you support?

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