The Reason Why I Left You Part 4

So this is part 4 wow alredy? Wow.... well see like when it says like slow motion,think in your head like its in slow motion. I think this one is the best one I've done so far

I'm not gonna do the POV anymore cause we all kno wat they look like so ya....I'm soo bored I just want you guys to read it!!!! Its soo heart touching and ull see how much all the guys love yoe!!!!

Created by: tiggerluvsya3315

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  1. All you guys see the desanation. Their is like 8 guys and NO Sean pulls ove and everyone jumps out. Micheal gives you a hug and you kiss him. He smiles and walks away. Sean comes twords you and grabs you by the waist. "Hi beautiful",he says. "Hi. And I am not beautiful." You say. "Don't say that. Its not true. Your the preetiest girl I ever met and seem. You hotter than jaylo. That's rare. Listen (your name), if anything happens, I love you and I always have and always will". You start to cry. "I love you too and I won't let them kill you". He kisses you and you two start to walk to start fighting.
  2. You all stand in a strait line. One last time Micheal grabs your butt. You look over and he looks at you like your crazy. You turn around and there's Sean standing behind you. You smile and roll your eyes. He stands next to you and you grab Sean and Micheals hand. One of the crip dudes yells "fight!!!!!!!!" And everyone starts running. You see Sean nearly killing a guy by making them bleed to much. You look over to see Micheal kicking a guy in the face. A man comes twords you and you also nearly kill them bleed to much. You stand up(like in slow motion) a guy shoots his gun and and you look over to see the two men you love Sean and Micheal and they screan your name. You mouth I love you Sean and Micheal and the bullet hits you.
  3. You can feel yourself breathing. YOUR ALIVE!!!!!!!!!
  4. "What are we gonna do?" "Idk we will see if she wakes up." "See is she wakes up?!?!?! She's my girlfriend I love her! I should of ran and have the bullet hit me" "its not your fault man!" "Yes it is Lazaro! If she dies I'm not going anymore and I'm killing myself!" "Don't say that. Shes my best friend and I'm sitting here waiting like a good girl waiting. Un like you your freckin like yelling at the top of your lungs!!!" It was silent. You felt something or someone put its hand around your waist and something agaisnt your back. Its Sean. You felt something or someone else come in your front and put its body against you. Its Micheal. "I won't leave this spot till she wakes". Said Sean. "Man you gotta let me stay too right?" Ask Micheal. "Ya sure man."
  5. Its the morning. You can tell. "I gotta gotake a whizz ill be back". Says Micheal. He leaves and you shift over on the other side so your head is on Seans bare chest. The last two days you can here everything but you can't open your eyes. Sean puts both of his around you. "Baby. Sweetie. I love you please wake up. Your turning 18 in two days and you won't be the youngest anymore. Come on. I can't lose you like this". He says. He starts to cry. Hearing or seeing a guy cry is like the world ending. You nestle your head and he kisses your forehead. "Yo man its gonna be ok. Don't worry". Says Micheal. You wanna make Sean laugh and you know what to do.
  6. As Micheal was coming to lay down, you move your leg so it kicks him in the .....! Micheal falls and and Sean was laughing soo hard!!!! You start to giggle and Sean feels it. He looks at you and you slowly open your eyes. You look at him and you give him a weak smile. He smiles and he yells "everyone she's awake come quick!!!!" Everyone comes and they scatter around you. You notice all the guys including Lazaro has their shirts off! Its the best sight you see when you wake out of acoma!!!! You were laying on the motel bed. You look at Sean and he kisse you. Lazaro leans over and kisses your forhead. Micheal also leans over and kisses you three time on the lips.
  7. "How long have I been out?" You ask. 4 weeks but we fought all the other desanations expet one. Your defanantly NOT fighting." Says ariel. Your glad everyone cares about you.
  8. You stand up and you go to the bathrom. You took a LONG pee like a LONG pee. You come out and everyone hears your stomach growl and Lazaro gets up and starts to make something to eat. Areil goes to help. You and sit in between the two guys you love. You love sean more thougb.
  9. That's it for part 4!!!!!!
  10. Plse comment or rate?

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