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  • Really, TheAwesomeness? "Wemo"? Also, I got 50% and I'm new to Emoisim. I'm also 11. :-)

    Isabel Star Dec 31 '15, 4:52PM
  • All the other awesome Emos who said we don't cut ourselves, the person who made the Quiz actually made an option that said it was a stupid stereotype, so don't get TOO mad.

    Isabel Star Dec 31 '15, 4:48PM
  • I am emo 86% bi***es well bye

    Wtfdoneit22 Oct 3 '14, 11:24PM
  • Im emo. 100%

    Jessie D Jan 7 '12, 5:43PM
  • i got
    No wonder my friends all call me "emo."

    Em0Princess55 Dec 4 '11, 5:59PM
  • go emo im emo after all boy were my frends rite

    angelia Jun 23 '10, 11:11PM
  • i luv being emo its like my life 84% emo is wat i am n i except it so now im gonna go rite some poetry

    angelia Jun 23 '10, 11:08PM
  • im totally emo n i dont mind its my way of life

    angelia Jun 23 '10, 11:06PM
  • 78%.........everyon e calls me emo and now this quiz is calling me emo.....OK!....BTW not all emos cut so yeah....XD

    xxheartbreakxx Mar 13 '10, 5:28PM
  • 78%.............WOW ! everyone calls me emo and now even every quiz I've taken has called me emo....BTW not all emos cut sooo...... XD

    xxheartbreakxx Mar 13 '10, 5:25PM
  • oohh my bob! 87%??! i knew it..just didn't wanna bleve it...

    elmo w_o the L Feb 18 '10, 6:05PM
  • wow im emo after all

    killjoy Jan 31 '10, 4:24AM
  • LOL W00T 15% I aint a emo!!!!!!

    charizard999 Nov 11 '09, 12:47PM
  • this is the stupidist quiz ever! aa%! wtf?!?! it dnt make sense

    Tuker 2 Oct 4 '09, 5:04PM
  • I got 63%. Really?

    Darthvado Sep 1 '09, 9:06PM
  • alright quiz, by the way will you tell all your friends you've got your gun to my head T.B.S.

    cute with out the e Feb 18 '09, 10:47PM
  • awesome quiz!!! and its so true....not all emos cut themselves, i hate that sterotype

    asthecityburns Jul 29 '08, 4:00PM
  • 66% ! I IS A WEMO!

    TheAwesomeness Jul 3 '08, 4:38PM

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