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Are You Smart Enough, To Complete This 100% Use You're Wits, Extraordinarily! You Must Be Smart Cause I Can Be Very Random, So Be Wise And Truthful...

Are YOU Random Enough? Are YOU Truthful? Are YOU Smart? Take This Test, To Find Out! You... Could Be Terrible, You Could Be Epic, You Could Be Random As Me! Who knows....

Created by: 021800unicorn

  1. Do You Like Unicorns, Alicorns, Pegasuses?
  2. What Is You're Favorite Animal Out Of These Scientific Species?
  3. What Song Do You Like More?
  4. What Game Do You Like The Most?
  5. If You Were Going To Get A Pet What Would It Be Out Of These?
  6. What Food? WOULD U PREFER
  7. Are You Crazy?
  8. Do You Like Waffles?
  9. What would you do if you could choose?
  10. Now, We Will See You're Epic%
  11. Do You Think I'm Stupid?
  12. Are You Smart If You Are---What Is 1+1?
  13. How Long Will You Make It?
  14. Only a couple more to go!
  15. Ok, At Twenty We End.
  16. Are You A Roblox Noob? Yellow Skinned, Blue Shirt, Green Pants.
  17. Are You Being, Honest, And Patient? ~Note To Liars~ You Have Been Horrible, I Hope You Come Some Other Day, And Do Not Lie.... ~Note To Honesty And Patience~ I Am Glad You Are Honest, And Patient!
  18. Last One. Did You Enjoy?

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