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There are many people...... Hmmmmm what to write......... HAPPY FLIP FLOP!!!!!! Nock nock Ding dong Ring ring Woof woof Meow meow Quack quack

Meow. Hmm.... 150 characters... What to write?? BUY GOLD BUY!! its zombie time. meow meow quack woof meow meow quack woof meow meow quack woof meow meow quack woof BOOM 184 characters

Created by: Godess101
  1. What's your favorite color.
  2. Am I awesome??
  3. So........
  4. Do you like pushing buttons? Do you like unicorns? Are you board of this quiz? Is this to many questions at once? Im awesome. Are you? Do you like whipped cream? I dont. SUGAR!!!
  5. 12 questions......... Hmmmm. La la lalalala sing a happy song. Marshy marshy marshy mello!!! Sing sing sing sing sing!! LAAAAA
  6. Tell me. What's going on in your mind ?
  7. HUMP DAY!!!! Vote camel for prez!! Zebra for congress!!
  8. Question 10! Only a few more questions together!! Why do you have to go so soon!!! Dont leave!!
  9. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF
  10. Am I awesome???

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