the quiz: miss dunn 101

lord knows, its not easy being miss dunn. but all exceptional people have exceptional friends! so quiz yourself on your girl, and find out where exactly on the friend scale you actually fit...

how well do YOU know miss dunn? have you known her since childhood or did you make her acquaintance in college? either way, test your knowledge by completing miss dunn: 101.

Created by: miss dunn

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  1. in high school, what was miss dunn voted as?
  2. in what area of portland, oregon did miss dunn grow up?
  3. of the children in her family, miss dunn is the:
  4. miss dunn was awarded a scholarship to which law school?
  5. miss dunn's beloved god-brother currently attends which school?
  6. what is miss dunn's big sister name?
  7. for which artist does miss dunn have the most credited work?
  8. what is miss dunn's favorite pasttime?
  9. from ages 8-18, miss dunn competed in:
  10. in what city has miss dunn never partied in?

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