Which Little Miss/Mr. Men are you?

Mr. Men is a book, and now a funny caroon by Roger Hargreaves. There are many colorful and wonderfully different charactrers but I only put 6 on the quiz.

Now find out who YOU would be, what you would look like and your personalitly if you were a Mr. Men or Little Miss... It's simply a silly quiz, and there are only 10 questions... have fun!

Created by: Anna Matthews
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your out and about and some scary looking homeless man shoves a cup in your fave, begging for your money. You:
  2. You find out that your crush likes you... and another boy/girl. You:
  3. You're going uot with friends. Your location of choice would be:
  4. You usually eat:
  5. You want this for your birthday this year:
  6. You say you're:
  7. Fav. Color:
  8. in school, your fav. class is:
  9. With $1,000,000 you would:
  10. My fav. text sign/saying:

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Quiz topic: Which Little Miss/Mr. Men am I?