Common Sense Factor

Common sense isn't so common. We all know that... Look at our president and Paris Hilton. The phrase is miss-leading to many of us, but with this quiz, we can see if its miss leading to you. Can you tell me why the chicken crossed the road or why blue is not only a color but a feeling or why rap is consitered a type of music?

Do you have what it takes to be not so common about common sense? Well, lets find out. In a few minutes you will either be really smart or really dumb. Yeah, I guess theres a few inbetweens about it but two catagories is enough. Good Luck and Good Night. Thats a movie by the way. Have fun and dont hate me afterwards...bye.

Created by: jennifer

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  1. What would happen if everyone in the U.S. bought a blue car?
  2. How many peas in a pint?
  3. When did the fly fly?
  4. What fish is famous?
  5. How far can you go into a forest?
  6. What are the six main seasons?
  7. What is at the end of everything?
  8. When do you get that run-down feeling?
  9. What goes up and never goes down?
  10. Where do you find a hippopotamuse?
  11. Why do birds fly south for the winter?
  12. What happems to an author after he dies?
  13. What's green and flies?
  14. What was Batman doing in the tree?
  15. Where was the Decleration of Independents signed?
  16. Why does a giraffe have such a long neck?
  17. Why do firemen wear red suspenders?
  18. How do you drop an egg three feet with out breaing it?

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