The QUIZ. *dun, dun, dun*

Welcome to.. the QUIZ. It'll test your knowledge and see how well you paid attention in primary school -- won't that be EXCITING?! So, get out there and ace the test!

One word of advice, though - this test is so easy, that if you score anything below 80%… well, go back to school. It's for your own good. I mean, if you're still in school, then study harder! Have fun!

Created by: Fuse
  1. An animal with 100 feet.
  2. A flammable substance used to power many cars.
  3. The fifteenth letter in the Greek alphabet.
  4. Changing from solid -> gas directly.
  5. What comes next in the pattern? 5 -> 6.21 -> 12.90 -> 14.11 -> ?
  6. Chemical symbol for Potassium.
  7. The square root of 32761
  8. Which of these is not a breed of dog?
  9. TRUE OR FALSE: Putting a water bottle in the freezer causes the plastic to release dioxins into the water.
  10. What does the prefix "deca-" mean?

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