Do you know your High School Musical

Think you know this Movie? Find out! It's fast just take our ten question test and see if you do good. Hopefully you paid attention to the little details because this is where they come in handy!

Are you willing to try? If so have fun! I hope you enjoy taking this quiz about this movie! If you have never seen it then this might not be the quiz for you.

Created by: mteen

  1. What is East Hghs Mascot?
  2. Finish the lyrics: It's hard to believe that i couldn't see....
  3. What song does Gabriella and Troy sing at the call back?
  4. What does Taylor Mckesie pressure Gabriella to do?
  5. Which one of these groups did not have a singing solo in "Stick to the Status Quo?"
  6. What is the name of Troys Best Friend?
  7. What do the basketball players chant all the time?
  8. Who does Zeke have a crush on?
  9. The basketball team spells out there name and makes a cheer for what club?
  10. What is the song that ends the movie?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my High School Musical