the great high school musical quiz

There are many hsm fans, but are you the ultimate hsm fan? find out in this great hsm quiz. Including questions from high school musical 2. Enjoy my quiz!!!!!!!

Are you a high school musical genuis? Do you know every thing about every scene in high school musical? Questions between golf, codes and country clubs. can you get them all? . Find out in this quiz.

Created by: Lauren

  1. Who pretends to be a poor golfer
  2. Sharpey brought how many pairs of the same shoes when she was in new york
  3. Mr. Fulton tells kelsi to play what type of music
  4. What ''big word'' does Gabriella lecture Troy on
  5. who slides into home plate
  6. Ryans walky talky code name for sharpey is
  7. rule #... is ''all dates are offical''
  8. Ryan says that everyone thinks that he is Sharpeys what
  9. Jason was given the job as what
  10. That big show starts at what time

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