High School Musical Lyrics Quiz

Are you the king/queen of High School Musical song lyrics? If you are, this quiz is for you! Complex, easy (or not so easy) lyrics that you have to fill in. No cheating!!

Read the sentence from the lyric and choose the missing word. It is not as easy as you think - don't cheat!!!!!! Use your knowledge, not the CD book. Good luck and do your best.

Created by: Caitlyn & Lauren Nauschutz
  1. Fill in the missing lyrics. 'Livin' in my own world, Didn't _________'
  2. 'That anything can happen, When you take a _________'
  3. 'I never believed in, What I couldn't ________'
  4. 'I never opened my heart, To all the ______________'
  5. 'I know, that something has _________'
  6. 'Never felt this way, And right here ____________'
  7. 'This could be the, Start of something _____________'
  8. 'It feels so right, To be here with ______'
  9. 'Coach said to fake________, and break_________.'
  10. 'Watch out for the______, and keep an eye on _____'
  11. 'Don't be afraid to shoot the outside ___'
  12. 'Keep you're head in the _____'
  13. 'Let's make sure we get the _____'
  14. 'It's hard to believe that I couldn't _____'
  15. 'You were always there beside _____'
  16. 'I've never had _______'
  17. 'You can bet there's nothing but ___'
  18. 'But I've got a _____'
  19. 'Stick to the stuff you _____'
  20. 'It's funny when you find ____'
  21. 'I thought you were my _____'
  22. 'I swore I knew the _____'
  23. 'I believe in dreaming shooting for the _____'
  24. 'Work our _____ off everyday'
  25. 'Were ______, flying'
  26. 'There's not a _______ in heaven that we can't reach'
  27. 'If were tryin' so were _______ free'
  28. 'But your faith, it gives me ______'

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