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RESULT Key: [Far right 75 -100] - [Solid right = 60 - 75] - [Center right = 50 - 60] - [Center left = 40 - 50] - [Solid left = 25 - 40] - [Far left = 0 - 25]

The above mentioned percentages refer to the overall left/right number that is ascribed. You don't have to take this as gospel if you don't want to. God Bless!

Created by: Roh Tae Woo

  1. Abortion is a sin
  2. Everyone should have the right to assisted suicide.
  3. The seperation of Church and state is positive.
  4. Gay Marriage is a sin
  5. Religion is hurtful to society
  6. I am religious
  7. Migration is hurtful to my country.
  8. I am proud that my country is exceedingly strong.
  9. My race deserves to rule over lesser races.
  10. when it comes to international disputes I always support my country.
  11. There is nothing wrong with patriotism
  12. The freer the Market the freer the people.
  13. Trade Unions liberate workers
  14. The less government economic intervention, the better.
  15. We need to privatize more industries.
  16. Taxes need to be lowered
  17. The government is corrupt and cannot be trusted.
  18. national service should be implemented.
  19. Intervening abroad militarily to protect our country's interests is wrong.
  20. The military budget is more important, or just as important as the welfare budget.
  21. Military service instills discipline in young men, I view this as positive.
  22. Respect for authority is negative. It should always be questioned.
  23. Hierarchies of specialization are essential for economies and societies to operate.
  24. Subservience to orders by the establishment creates stability.
  25. The Establishment is a neccesary evil that prevents us from backsliding into collapse.
  26. Nuclear families are not essential for strong bonds in communities to develop.
  27. If people do not work hard and contribute to society, they do not deserve to be given assistance by their community.
  28. The big city worker is freer than the small village farmer.
  29. Leaders who loosen the social order risk breaking up communities.
  30. Communism is extremely dangerous.
  31. Fighting Communism abroad is a waste of money
  32. Progressive Revolutions, nearly always result and cause untold suffering when the government is overthrown.
  33. If Communism came to power, my culture would be destroyed.
  34. A revolution in which the workers seize all of societies assets and re-distribute them is the only way to proceed
  35. The only way to liberate society is to violently destroy the Elites conspiring to destroy my race.

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