Fantasy battle general

This quiz is more like a game as you will be playing the role of a general in a medieval battle. You will be leading about 800 men against around 550. The battlefield consist of a sloping Hill in the center at which the enemy is at the top. On either side are steeper ridges going up onto the hill, the one on the left being more wood in much deeper. There are not many trees in the center but there are a decent amount on the right and that's just mentioned Forest on the Left Flank

Give the number of Cavalry and archers but want to wait on that for a few minutes just feel the same with words so we can get forward to move on. If this makes it to the final quiz then I messed up

Created by: Lettner

  1. When preparing your battle strategy you must decide what your overall strategy is. Will you attempt a full frontal assault, a pincer movement or attack on the right flank.
  2. If you choose frontal attack, will you create diversion on the flank? If you chose a flank attack will you create a diversion in the center?
  3. If you chose pincer attack you have 2 decisions to make. The Left Flank is steep and difficult and the enemy will not be expecting troops to come from there. You can choose to put your best and most capable officer there for the difficult task or put him on the other flank where he is certain to be relevant. Also you need to decide whether you're going to send a minimal amount of troops on that flank or a higher amount. Your best officer's name is Stallmont. Also note that even if you send the greater amount of man on the Left Flank that the vast majority of your troops are going to the right flank
  4. This question is for people who chose the flank attack. As you lead your troops up the hill it seems like you almost have taken the ridge, although it seems iffy because you don't have many men to hold it. You can either try to push forward and take the ridge or Retreat back to regroup. If you push forward this is a high-risk high-reward type situation.
  5. If you pushed forward in the last question roll 2 dice.
  6. This is for those who chose flank or pincer attacks. Your Horseman would be inefficient or unable to go on either flank. If you chose the flank offense and you chose 2 decoy units to the Center, your Horsemen will go to the center. But if you chose a full flank attack (or a pincer assault) you must choose whether you want the Horseman to Dismount and go with the rest of the troops or if you would want them to go to the rear of the enemy and create a distraction and caught and cause their Horsemen to be occupied. The choice to leave them mounted and send them to the rear almost seems like the obvious choice except for the fact that the pincer and blank plans benefit greatly from every bit of extra Manpower that you can get.
  7. Will you choose to lead your men upfront where you can affect morale and make on-the-spot decisions ( rather than relay orders) or from the rear where you can better calculate what is going on make decisions without being in the chaos of combat if you chose the flank offense you automatically lead from the front and we'll choose that.
  8. This is for those who made a center attack. In as the fighting gets really thick and heavy you feel like your troops are beginning to what time disordered and may end up routing. Do you want to pull them back or do you want to continue pressing on
  9. This question is for those who make us attack in the center or that make a flank attack with a thanked to the center. Do you want to he's more archers wear down the enemy or have more infantryman for a straight aggressive assault?
  10. This question applies to all attacks. Do you want to attack in waves with a more cautious approach or send the Army in at once and be ready for a charge
  11. Roll 2 dice
  12. This applies to those who did a pincer movement you have breached the line and have a chance to possibly seal the day in a victory. It depends on whether the other flank has broke through. Can you depend on the officer you sent to the other flight? Both your number one and number two officers are good, if you move forward and the other troops did not break through you he will likely end up being trapped.
  13. Roll 2 dice in using pincer movement. .Depending on commander on left flank.
  14. This applies only to those who made a full Center attack with no diversion. All other choices will pick the same period. As you driving to the across the plateau a hedge begins to break between your troops can you say that they're going to be split up which is not good. But they seem to have momentum and seem to be pushing the enemy back do you allow them the Press on forward and separate are you do you pull them back enough to keep stuff together
  15. This applies to the pincer attack snd every attack with a diversion. it does not apply to a full Center attack or a full flank attack. During the battle UC that you're diversionary group or if you're using the pincer attack, the Left Flank troops are in trouble and looks like they may be captured or over ran. Your troops where they're at are vital but can you afford to lose a quarter of your troops?
  16. This question is for all players. During the battle you take note of a few archers who are on a rocky slope picking off your men and they seem to have pretty good cover.
  17. Mounted troops in the battle or did you Dismount them? If you picked a Pinsir attack you automatically are
  18. This for those who made pincer attack with the choice for a higher number of men on right flank. The the man looked to have a chants to break through on the flank about 65% chance. Do you send them. Speed Ahead or you slow down and draw back a little bit to organize the troops. If you pull back that doesn't mean that you won't break through.
  19. Full center attack +2, pincer attack รท1, flank with diversion +1, horsemen in rear +1, lead from rear +1, #1 officer on right flank pincer attack +1, #1 officer on left flank pincer roll one die ( 1 -1, 2 0, 3 +2. 4 +1, 5-6 0), Roll 2 dice
  20. Question 3

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