The Pokemon Test

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How well do you know Pokémon? Will you become the weak and stupid Magikarp or the Mighty and smart Arceus? Find out by answering these knowledgeable questions!

Well, what will you get? From weak-Mighty, you could become Magikarp, Dedenne, Yanma, Raichu, Mewtwo, Or Arceus!Find out today, right now on The Pokémon Test

Created by: Shadanimator

  1. How does Kirlia evolve into Gallade?
  2. What does Lucario evolve into?
  3. What color is shiny Dragonite?
  4. Did Sableye have a weakness before Fairy Pokémon were released?
  5. How is this so far
  6. What was Ash's starter before it was planned to be Pikachu
  7. Select the following that isn't a water type
  8. Which is part of Shuckle's description?
  9. How does Onix evolve into Steelix?

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