This will not be accurate because non of the results had awnsers so don't worry. Now go and past that story you chose where ever you can and make more people aware

This will not be accurate because non of the results had awnsers so don't worry. Now go and past that story you chose where ever you can and make more people aware.

Created by: Toralei
  1. Look what we've done to the wold , look what we've done. Thousands of years ago there was no pollution , the economy and the animals were growing at perfect rates
  2. Why is it all about you , your county your religion. The only difference between Great Britan and France is around 2000 M so why do we fight ? The only difference between your god and another's is the name ... So why fight about it ? Have you ever stopped to notice all the children dead from war ? What if that was you , your brother , your mother , your sister you'd be sad right ?
  3. Imagen your an elephant. You've savagely had your legs and tusks removed but your heard has run for there life ! Your sat there , all alone in pain and all the people think about is how much money there gonna make . Now you know how the elephant feels your the hunter in your right hand you hold a leg and your left a tusk . You know after this your gonna be rich beyond belefe you step in the vichal with the elephants body parts in the back before you hear the elephant cry for help just before he died You take one last look at the elephant bleeding to death before leaving it ,to die in pain with no family what so ever . Weather you like it or not this happens to MORE elephant than you can beleve yet of core there not us so why would we care ? That's right they have feeling too , there not stupid
  4. Now imagen your in WW2 your Jewish and have no idear what your people have done wrong suddenly your sister drops a plate and thousands of people run up the stairs with guns . The more you struggle the harder they grab onto you . Your scared and have no idear what to do . Your marched through the streets and you see a Childerns bike that's been crushed under some rubble but the body's not there all you can see it it's been covered in red blood. Just then you arrive at the train station as you go in you realise it's ot a train at all and there's hardl enough room to fit your family in . Then a 750Ml bottle of water is throwing in to share between 900 of you. Three days later the train doors open and there is a line you join the end . Your sister gets a two and you get a one . You go to the right into a room . Your only three and the room is cold and scary . Then gas is. Relaxed and the last thing you see is the face of the murderer your sister she was forced to kill you.(a day later your the sister ) I was digging graves for the people who were sent to the gas chamber the bodied arrive and the first person I saw was my sister I looked intoner innocent little eyes it made me cry as I berried her with care .
  5. That's not entirely a true story but I'm sure it happend to someone
  6. Imagen sharks whales dolphins elephants even squrrilles imagen how hard it it to find food imagen how horrible they feel in zoos where they can't be natural in aquariums where there made to do un-natural tricks . Now imagen you were taken from your a whale taken from your family ten years ago . You live in a aquarium in your made to do tricks but one day you want a break and kill your trainer can you blame yourself ? All the pain you've been through and by killing one person you get killed ? Maby you should hav just let the whale back into the wild . Is it really worth two lives for the price of one . Do not support zoos or aquariums
  7. Now imagen an open grass land over 200 years ago there are Zebras gerraffs tigers deer antelope all getting along and grazing few getting killed but we do have to balance out the enviroment. Now imagen today . We got too greedy and that grass land has one tiger one zebra one gerraffe and one athlope the others have been killed and also the grass is short and the trees have been cut down . Now imagen in FIFTY YEARS TIME your in that same space and you want to show your children how beutiful that spot was and you remeber it from fifty yeas back? You open the bush and look behind it but not there are four carcasses and a fresh one of a elephant obviously not killed long ago because it was still breathing . You look at the grass it's now dust not even grass . You run over to the elephant and start to stroke it's big grey ear it try's talking to you but it's too weak it's going to die . The elephant with it's last bit of energy moves it's trunk and puts it on your hand . You look into his eye just as he dies there dull and lifeless and then he's gone you hear a little noise and look beside you and you tink that must be it's baby . The baby elephant keeps nudging his mother like " wake up wake up" but the mother dose not move you look at the baby and stroke it while crying . You know if it's left there it will die . You had a pick up truck and you put the mothers car us in the back and grab the baby elegant sit in the back and put it on your lap you take it home to England and nurse it . You creminate its mum and berry it in the park you owned where the elephant now lived and every day the now fully grown elephant goes to see it's mother without fail
  8. Now think there just animals but they two have feeling but we just don't realise it
  9. Are you going to stick up for this ? Take the story you think is the saddest and copy it where ever you can . You don't have to but it shows you care.
  10. Now then what's the Arthur song by Michelle Jackson after this it shows you care

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