the personality quiz

I made this quiz so that people can see how there personalities are if that is not you well then im sorry for saying you as that person if you choose how you are you should get the right thing said about you

I am a smart educated person i love to do poems and quizzes and that's why i choosed to make this quiz i like to do alot of fun things because im a fun person

Created by: makirah timms

  1. what will you do if a person is bullying you at school.
  2. what are your favorite two colors
  3. when you leave home for school what is something you cant not leave home with
  4. how do you react when someone is bothering you when your doing your work at school
  5. who is your favorite rapper
  6. what month is your birthday in
  7. are you happy about tour life
  8. the last few minutes of youe bed time what do you do
  9. how many pets do you have
  10. what time do you go too bed
  11. do you treat your sibling like you wanted to be treated

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