The Perfect Date

The perfect Date ( whether its your 1st date or 50th)......dicover what kind of girl you are.. also some crative date ideas are (1) grab your favorite cookie resipe bake up a fresh batch and pig out together on warm cookies and ice cream (2) check out some of those random holidays like national Vienna sausage week or groundhog day and celebrate!!

some more ideas are... Symphony under the stars-fresh air for you sporty chicks,romantic tunes for you classy ladies and cuddling opps for you mad- about- you types. also set up a scavenger hunt at the zoo- grate for double date , too! one more Get your grove on! sign up for a ballroom or swing dance class check out the local college or your parks and recreation department.

Created by: Candice
  1. He asks you what your up for on saturday night. You say:
  2. You're staring at your closet wondering what to wear..... YOU GRAB!!
  3. Hve a sip, You order a....
  4. the perfect setting for a heart to heart:
  5. Your date sends you a text- what should he pick up for dinner?
  6. the hair the hair!!!- what to do?
  7. you can he's dyin' to hold your hand you hope he....
  8. its your turn to plan a romantic evening out.. Your pick:
  9. The nights over. how do you say good-bye?
  10. If this guy wants to win your heart, he better call...
  11. Flowers are waiting for you when you get home. you secretly hope they are...
  12. What do your P's really think of him?

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