Spending the Holidays Single?

The holidays can be the best of times and the worst of times especially for singles. This quiz can help you take your seasonal temperature and make a plan for that special time of year.

When the holidays are upon us will you be bursting with the spirit, parking under the mistletoe or seriously considering ditching all the traditions and heading for the beach?

Created by: Carole of The Virtual Playground for Singles
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  1. Your favorite part of the holidays is:
  2. Your least favorite part of the holidays is:
  3. When you hear the term "Christmas song" you're most likely to think of:
  4. You tend to give holiday gifts that are:
  5. The holiday movie you would most enjoy watching is:
  6. Every year you can hardly wait to:
  7. When it comes to holiday cards, you:
  8. The holiday gift you would most like to receive is:
  9. Your favorite of these holiday cookies is:
  10. At a holiday party you'd rather be:
  11. When you think of a holiday meal you:
  12. The holidays last year were:

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