The Chronicles of That Which is Jessica

I, the Jeskimo am a very complex charachter with many opinions I sometimes hand out like candy. My opinions I voice most are usually on the best and worst times of my life, Pop Culture current events, people who tend to bother me, and the occassional eBay find.

If you're not totally tuning me out while I speak passionatly about such things (even when I am not passionate about the topic at all) you've probably herd my overall odd thoughts on what is up with the world.

Created by: mermaid16jessica
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  1. Let's start easy, what's my favorite color hue?
  2. If given a mass sum of money, how would I spend it?
  3. Finish the sentence how you think I would: "Britney Spears...":
  4. Who is my celebrity husband?
  5. What is my overall opinion on Justin Bobby?
  6. What is my favorite quote from Napolean Dynamite?
  7. What is my current favorite style and or accessory to sport?
  8. Why am I called the Jeskimo?
  9. My favorite birthday I have had so far was:
  10. What is my favorite Halloween Costume I have ever been?
  11. What is my drink of choice?
  12. Which of the fallowing is a regret of mine?
  13. I would someday like to open a...
  14. Finish the sentence: The Devil does not wear Prada, she wears...

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