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Welcome to "The Other Side", my second series and the little cousin of "Don't leave me hanging", my first series. If you haven't already, you might want to read the previous parts of this series, so that you can understand the story. This part will be in Vixla's point-of-view, so reading at least the first 3 parts of The Party will help.

Recap: Vixla, the leader of a small team of semi-immortals, attended the masquerade party of her boss, Blake, to celebrate a step forward in their quest to reunite an ancient artifact called the Spirit Medallion. After a slight encounter with Kyle and Jared, mischievious pranksters, and dancing time,Vixla's past came back to bite her in the form of a mysterious guy: Jack. The two used to be very close until Jack had an argument with Blake, set fire to the headquarters, and disappeared, without a word to anyone... With her nerves pulled to the ends and tumultuous emotions revisiting her from the past, Vixla ran out and drowned herself in a bloodlust to forget all.

Created by: xxblutixx

  1. ~Vixla~ My eyes open. Blink once. Twice in a second. The light filtering through the curtains is too bright. I hide under the covers into the warmth of the bed, but now that I'm awake, I can feel the kinks in my crumpled silver wings. I want to go back to sleep, but the wing situation proves unavoidable. I slowly sit up, and the world around me bursts into green and purple dots. Heat rises to the forefront of my brain, and I can't think past the nauseating dizziness. I fall back into the bed. Doesn't help.
  2. The sound of my heartbeats echoes in my ears as I wait, hoping it will go away, but it doesn't. I guess it's my fault for drinking too much last night. I guess I'll just have to suck it up. Again, I try to get up, but this time, I decide to roll off the bed to avoid the nausea of before. Smart idea? Not so much. I roll directly into a person. Of course it never occurred to me to check if anything was in the way first. The person wakes up with a start, sitting up too quickly, losing their balance, and falling off the bed. "AIOWWW!" I cringe at the sound. Whoever it is howls like a werewolf.
  3. Someone else's voice exclaims, "OOF, what the-" The sounds reverbrate in my ear, increasing the pounding in my head. I wince and peek over the side of the bed to see Jared splayed on top of Kyle. Jared must've been who I knocked into, and it further explains why he sounded like a werewolf, because he is one. "Look dude, I know we're tight, but I don't love you this much," Jared jokes. "You're the one who fell on me," Kyle grumbles. "You make a good cushion," Jared comments. "Just get off of me," Kyle says, clearly unamused; he's obviously not much of a morning person.
  4. Jared obeys and looks up to see me. "Morning, Vi," he grins, bouncing on the bed to sit next to me, "You're not looking so hot." I lean against his shoulder to steady my head. "Tell me about it," I groan. "Well, your hair's all frazzled, for starters. You have black under your eyes from your mascara, and half of your dress is hanging off of you," Jared lists off. I give him a sarcastic look, "Don't you make me feel so great about myself?" "You're welcome," Jared laughs.
  5. I yawn and feel the pull of the movement on my lips as the skin cracks from dryness. My tongue flicks out to moisten my lips, and something tastes oddly bittersweet. Putting a finger under one of my fangs for a moment, I find a single clear drop of liquid with a slight silvery sheen gathered on my fingertip. Ugh. It's my venom. It normally doesn't drip like this, but it's probably still stimulated by however much blood I went overboard in drinking last night. Judging from my state right now, there must have been a lot of alcohol mixed in as well. Nothing like alcohol to cause such headaches. Wonderful.
  6. I paw through my hair, attempting to tame at least some of the tangles. "What happened last night and how are you so peppy?" I ask Jared. It's his turn to give me a sarcastic look, "I didn't drown myself in alcohol. What happened to 'I can have fun without alcohol', hm?" "Yeah, Vi, you were going crazy last night. Jared and I were going to leave, but you crashed in here and passed out. We thought it'd be better not to leave you alone with all the drunk crazy people, and you missed the sober party Jared and I were having to make fun of the drunkest people," Kyle chimes in, apparently recovered from 'morning grouch mode'. I groan, "Did I really?" "You're lucky I stopped Kyle from including you in the Youtube video uploads. Aren't I such a responsible friend?" Jared says.
  7. "I'm forever grateful," I reply sarcastically as I stand up. I twist my dress, trying to get it to fit right, but being crushed in the bed, it's staticky all over and uncomfortable. I wish I brought a change of clothes now. I stretch out the kinks in my silver wings by beating them a couple times. "Close the window," a person who I hadn't noticed was sleeping on the couch mumbles. Upon closer inspection, I realize it's Oliver, one of the two personal centaur guards of Blake. It's odd not to see him in his centaur form, but there's a limited amount of natural redheads I know and none are muscular like Oliver.
  8. "Oh, he staggered in at around 2," Kyle explains, "We would've kicked him out, but he's a little... heavy to lift." Well, if I'm up, he should be too. I blow in his ear playfully, and he grumbles, peeking open one green eye, "I said close the window." "Is that a polite way of saying shut up?" I ask. "Huh?" he asks sleepily, sitting up. Behind me, I hear Kyle and Jared cracking up. "Good morning, Sunshine," Jared calls out. "Shut up," Oliver grumpily mumbles. "Same situation here," I tell him sympathetically.
  9. I stand up and let out a sigh. "I guess I should go see if Blake has any extra clothes around here I could borrow. See you guys later at the meeting tonight?" I ask hopefully. Blake had told me last night that my attendance was "mandatory", but I DON'T want to go to that meeting if I have no one to talk to besides Blake-worshippers. "Not invited," Kyle says carelessly, and Oliver signals to agree with him. "You, Jared?" I ask. "It's so far away, and I hate politics," Jared complains.
  10. "I'm bringing my team; you can meet them," I offer, secretly hoping he'll say yes so there could be some promise of light-heartedness in the future of dreary statistics talk about the Spirit Medallion. "More dry people? Nah," he declines. "Hey, I'm not dry," I protest. He smiles, "No, you're not. Fine, I'll come, but if anyone asks me to chip in money or assigns me something, it's your fault." "That's so reassuring, thanks. I'll see you, this evening then, and you two some other time, then," I tell them as I walk out of the room, grabbing the doorknob to close the door.
  11. "Hey, Vixla!" I hear and peek my head back into the room, "Yes, Oliver, what?" "Good luck finding a whole "appropriate" outfit with Blake. Send me a picture, will you?" Oliver grins with an expecting glint in his eye. I roll my eyes and close the door, shouting, "Good-BYE, Oliver." Sometimes, he can be such a sleaze, and I'm thankful that he's always at the door rather than hanging around the places I go.
  12. I wander around the halls a bit, feeling the uneveness of the worn carpet fibers under my toes since I forgot to seek my shoes out. I have no idea how this building is laid out, but I think I'm on the first floor somewhere because I've seen stairs going up, but none going down. Where would Blake be? I rack my brain to think how he would, and it's obvious. I blame the hangover for obscuring the answer for that long. He's got to be in the biggest room with the most guest hanger-ons.
  13. I look around for hints of a large room when I happen upon a plate on the wall that reads "Presidential Suite" with an arrow pointing left. Bingo. I follow it down the hall and turn into another, more set off hallway, at the end of which are 2 large, heavy-looking, oak doors. Thankfully for me, they're already pushed open, so I invite myself in.
  14. The room is big. I would say huge, but that's an adjective best reserved to describe the bed. The bed is in the middle of the back wall, jutting out at least 7 feet, and just as wide if not more. It's obviously a custom-made bed, built to accomodate many people... and so it is. Brightly colored satins and subtlely shimmering taffeta sprawl over the surface, mixing with mute silks and flowing chiffon, all muddling in a mixed net of dresses, catching the form of several girls...... and Blake.
  15. He's in the middle of everything, every guys' dream, his face hidden behind the mostly unraveled coppery braid of hair of the girl on his lap. I roll my eyes, picking my way through other random people passed out on the floor, and sit on the baseboard of the bed, looking the other way. I wonder how long it'll take someone to notice me, so I tap a rhythm on the wood of the bed as I wait. One tap. Five seconds. Two taps. Fifteen seconds. Five taps. A minute.
  16. Twenty taps later, Blake emerges, "Vi... the meeting is this evening, you know." "I know," I state simply. There's a pause as he waits for me to say more before he asks, "Then... what are you here for?" "Are there any clothes I could borrow for the afternoon here? I'll return them at the meeting," I offer.
  17. He pauses a moment more before starting to disentangle himself from the knot of dresses and getting off the bed. All he's wearing are the black dress pants from last night, so there's plenty to look at with the smooth, perfect skin of his toned chest and, lower, his just-visible abs... I mentally slap myself. What the heck am I thinking, ogling at my boss of all people? Another look at that bed, and I'm sufficiently turned off.
  18. "You coming?" he asks, subtlely licking the remnants of blood and venom away from his lips. "Yeah," I reply, taking one last look at the room. In that glance, I see that girl give me a dirty look with her steel gray eyes. I narrow my eyes. I can't recall her name, but she's a newcomer to the elite scene. She's glaring at me as if she's upset that I'm taking Blake away from her. As if she was entitled to more than me just because Blake had personally brought her into the elites. "As if" being the key words.
  19. ~It's been far too long since I've been meaning to post this. For all you DLMH readers (most of you, I'd guess), part 39 will be out either today or tomorrow, it's in the final stages; don't worry! Your favorite guy so far?

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