The Order of Operations Quiz!

Okay, I made this quiz since we're doing algebraic and numerical expressions in algebra class. So, I made this quiz out of boredom to level up, and I hope you take it.

So, /=division, +=addition, *=multiplication, and -=subtraction. x=7, y=3, and z=9. Thank you so much for choosing my quiz. You can get an A, B, C, D, or F.

Created by: xendocheionology

  1. x=7, y=3, z=9. Thank you GLENCOE MATHAMATICS, the textbook company.
  2. z+2
  3. 5+x
  4. 2+4z
  5. 15-2x
  6. 6y/z
  7. Okay, the work with Order of Operations and variables is over. Now it's time for some numerical expressions.
  8. [(18/9)*(4*6)]+[37(24/4)]
  9. 9/3+567-12/4*98-13-14-15-16+1
  10. Bye! Maybe I just leveled up!

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