The One And Only, My love Magicmovement

As you all know im bisexual. The love of my love is Magicmovement. We've been dating for all most 3 years now. I call her Joi because she always puts a smile on my face,but that's not her real name, it's Jayla.

She calls me Diamond because she says my heart shines bright, but it's not my real name, it's Kim. We always talk more like gossip. We laugh and play. I remember the first time we kissed, on her birthday.

Created by: Copy n Type

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  1. March 12 2010 I meet the love of my life. The first time i land on her,i knew it was love at the first site.
  2. We've been though alot. I chatted on her with 5 girls and she kissed a boys.
  3. We got into fights all most everyday but we stand strong.
  4. September 7 2012 This was the first time i saw her.
  5. We countine to date and we couldn't be more in love
  6. All the problems we had dont mean a thing. Even all the lies and pain dont mean a thing.
  7. I know everything about her. She wears glasses because she cant see fur distance. Her favorite color is pink.
  8. Her favorite food is maroni and cheese with pizza. She has short brown hair. She's very sex, big boobs, nice juicy ass. She really doesnt like reading.
  9. Her favorite songs are: Ellie Goulding lights,hanging in,little dreams, your song,downfall,and under the seets, and Cavlin Harris:sweet nothing.
  10. I love her, ill always love her. And she will always love me

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