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Please keep in mind that all questions have an effect. Choose wisely! Oh, and please don't get offended by the quiz results. This quiz is meant to be a joke.

Hi, how are you? Good? Then take this quiz. It's full of educational and fun math that will take u from small brain to big brain!!!! Wooooooow so cool!!!!!!! Your friend is taking this quiz right now! He/she/they will say "Wow!!! This quiz is so educational and funny! TAKE IT RIGHT NOW!!!11" Now please take this funny fun educational quiz now please!!!111

Created by: ItsYaboiiTrem
  1. What is 1 times 1?
  2. What is 2 times 2?
  3. What is 3 times 3?
  4. What is 4 times 4?
  5. What is 5 plus 5?
  6. Ha, did you really think this would be easy?
  7. What is (5628/326)+(12548x364910)?
  8. You did not solve that right? >:)))
  9. Well, lemme give you an easy question.
  10. What is 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1?
  11. You might have said -5 or -4, right?
  12. Well, what if I say this. It's -3.
  13. Mwahahahahah!
  14. Now. Just one more question.
  15. Actually, three.
  16. What is 467x565... Wait, no. What is 5 divided by 10 trillion?
  17. What is 3+3?
  18. Last one.
  19. What is 0 divided by 0?
  20. NOW...
  22. Wait! Come back! Just one more?
  23. What is....
  24. A + B, in the alphabet?
  25. Alright. Bye!!!!!

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