Your True Colors

True colors quiz so people know the real you! A perfect quiz with 100% accuracy rate. Take the quiz now and find out what kind of person you are!!!!!!

Just kidding, don't take it seriously. This is a funny quiz meant for unserious people, so don't be offended. I wish you the best of luck. Choose wisely!

Created by: Sunflower Seeds

  1. You see a small child, do you...
  2. Loofah, a person with a beret on you met at Disney World, wants to marry you. Do you...
  3. When you walk into a gas station do you...
  4. Hobbies at home.
  5. Glasses are for
  6. When you are by yourself you are
  7. Marisol
  8. Blue hair
  9. Astronauts are...
  10. Matchmaking

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Quiz topic: My True Colors