The Nintendo Quiz

Let us see how much of a Nintendo Genius you are and take this quiz, this has all the stops like mario, metroid and zelda so why don't you have a seat and have some fun.

Did you own a Nintendo? or did you just play it at your cousins house? no matter come and try your hand at this Nintendo quiz and see how much of a Nintedo Genius, or Dunce you are.

Created by: Chris Nixon

  1. When did the original Super Mario Bros. come out?
  2. What was the Original Mario's name (the one from Donkey Kong)?
  3. In the Original the Legend of Zelda What are you trying to do?
  4. After Rareware became part of Microsoft's video game program. What changed about Diddy Kong?
  5. In the game Metroid 64 what is the main Boss's name?
  6. Who do you Fight at the end of Punch Out!! (the one that came out in 1990)?
  7. In the Original Kirby, what is Meta Knight?
  8. In the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, how many swords do you get.
  9. In Super Mario 64,what is the name of the Turtle you have to race?
  10. In the Original Pac-Man, what do you eat? (pay attention to this question)
  11. On Super Mario RPG, what is Mario's Ultimate weapon?
  12. When does Super Smash bros. brawl come out?

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