The Next Step (Seasons 1 - 4)

I personally LOVE The Next Step! My favourite female character is Riley and my favourite male character is James. For me and probably many other people, are voting for Jiley all of the way!

I have been watching The Next Step now since it came out! SO I AM A TRUE FAN! I would absolutely love to see and meet the cast! That is one of my biggest dreams.

Created by: Braelynn
  1. Who is Emily's sister
  2. How many pirouettes does Edlon have to do in order to date Thalia?
  3. Who is Riley's boyfriend?
  4. Who is Studio Head in Season 4?
  5. Who has Eldon dated? (In correct order)
  6. In season 3, who steals Riley's solo at Internationals?
  7. Where did Riley loose Emily's necklace in season 1?
  8. Who is The Next Step's rival studio?
  9. Where is The Next Step filmed?
  10. Who are the E-Girls?
  11. Who is the assistant choreographer in season 1?
  12. Who is the assistant choreographer in season 2?
  13. Who wants to be a triple threat?
  14. Who does The Next Step loose to in season 4?
  15. What is Riley's real name?
  16. What is James's real name?
  17. What is Emily's real name?
  18. What is Stephanie's real name?

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