The Ned Flanders Quiz

Flander's is a big part of the show and you can't watch it without Flander's. Bu thow well do you know him. Is he just the guy that's Homer's neighbour or does he actually have a revealed life story?

So, how well do you know Flanders? Do you know him from head to feet or do you just know his name. He's more than Homer's neighbour and I hope you know that too.

Created by: Saul
  1. What are the names of Ned's sons?
  2. How old is Ned?
  3. Who does Ned marry in Vegas?
  4. What is Ned's most common saying?
  5. Ned has lost a lot of stuff. Why is this?
  6. Ned's religion is...
  7. When Ned goes to live in a happy happy place after Homer humiliates him(episode where 2 girls stay at Ned's apartment showeing themselves on the internet)what stop's him from staying?
  8. Out of the simpson family who is the most annoying to Ned?
  9. True or False? Ned's second wife dies in the series?
  10. What is the name of the son Ned has with his second wife?

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