The moshi monsters ultimate quiz

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Do you think you are an ultimate moshi monsters fan,if you do take this quiz and you will find out if your right or not.WARNING:There are some hard questions in the quiz so be carfull!!!

Are you an ultimate moshi fan,I bet you arn't as much of a fan as me!!!Be my freind on moshi monsters,my name is chrisrox74 so please do add me.I have lots of moshlings and two rooms!!!

Created by: Chrisrox2001

  1. How many moshlings are there in total???
  2. On which street can u find Dr.Strangeglove???
  3. What is the code for Liberty???
  4. Which moshling do u get on the 2nd mission???
  5. Which moshling holds an Ice Cream
  6. Where do u get plinky on the 3rd mission???
  7. Name the food which u have to be level 16(or over)and it's 55roxs???
  8. What do u have to have to destroy on the game Moshling Boshling???
  9. Which set of moshlings do not exist???
  10. Where do u go to earn lots of roxs???

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