Wich moshi monster Puppie moshling are you

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Do you think you will get your favourite moshling on the moshi monster quiz.You will enjoy this quiz.You will under stand it if you are an expert on moshi monsters.

Its just a couple of minites till you find out what moshling puppie you are.I put all four puppies in this quiz so there is none left out of this moshi quiz.

Created by: Chrisrox2001

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like bieng dirty?
  2. Do you like playing?
  3. What are your favourite colours?
  4. Do you eat a lot?
  5. Do you like the water?
  6. Do you like to collect moshlings on moshi monsters?
  7. Wich is your favourite monster?
  8. I'm going to be random,do you like the dentist?
  9. Who do you think you will be?
  10. Are you ready?

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Quiz topic: Wich moshi monster Puppie moshling am I