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Moshi Monsters is a cool, fun game for all to enjoy. However, there are many things that you might notice if you spend a little more time playing or you explore the site a bit more. Things that just anybody may not know.

So are you ready to find out your fate? To find out if YOU could be a moshi expert? If you think you have the potential, then take this quiz. There is only one way to find out if you have made it...

Created by: StellaPurple

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  1. What Moshling seeds do you need to plant to get Snookums?
  2. What is the Arby's/Mopod/ code needed to unlock the Monstro City Map?
  3. How many US$ does it cost for a 12 month membership?
  4. What is the name of the rarest moshling?
  5. What does the trophy for level 5 look like?
  6. How many best friends is a non-member allowed?
  7. What food item do you receive when you create an account?
  8. Where can you find the 'Dodgy Dealz' store?
  9. Which of these activities does NOT earn rox?
  10. Which two species of monster can fly?

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