What Kind of Monster are you?

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There are many kinds of people in the world. Everyone is different. But what if the whole world became a monster? Everyone would become a monster!!

What kind of monster would you be? An alien, a mummy, a troll an elf? (an even more monsters!) Take this quiz today. Only 12 easy questions! Hope you enjoy taking the quiz!

Created by: Annie Nomomus

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  1. Your friends describe you as _____.
  2. You describe your friends as?
  3. Your fashion is ____.
  4. I hang out at ____.
  5. My hair style is ____.
  6. I like to:
  7. I drive, or want to drive a:
  8. I live:
  9. My favorite kind of music is:
  10. My biggest wish out of all these is to:

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Monster am I?